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Cinema Society

Imagination society is instrumental music by Gary Llama.

Drawing on the work of Cinema Society, Imagination Society is meditative dub music. But where traditional dub draws upon reggae, Imagination Society draws on hip-hop. The music is also rather dark, yet hopeful.

Imagination Society was a continuation of the Instrumental music made under the name Cinema Society, but wheras 'Cinema Society' had more of a footing in rock, Imagination Society's footing would be in Hip-hop, and ultimately in Dub.

Gary had been a fan of Reggae dub for years, it was actually the work of Bill Laswell's remixes and dubs of Bob Marley that had inspired him to take self-recording more seriously in the late 90s. But Dub seemed like a product for Reggae.

However, when Gary began doing the process of 'reduce, destroy, recycle' with Cinema Society, he discovered that, for all purposes, it was a type of Dub. But instead of the basis being reggae, the foundation of this dub would be Hip Hop.

So Gary began making this music, kicked off with a remix of the song 'Folded Flag', that he had written a few years before as 'Fbox', and then launched into 5-song ep that would define the starting sound for Imagination Society.

Quickly, he took the process of making music as Imagination Society. It became a thing he did to relax, but also, it became a thing he did when he was sick: When you don't feel well, the last thing you may want to do is try to record a guitar, or write a lyric, but with electronic music, the process actually calmed him, and helped him cope with his various health issues. It also helped with the depression that would usually follow bouts of health issues, as now he could feel productive, like he was adding something to the world, even though he could not physically interact with it.

In 2014, he offered friend and emcee Ben FM a pick of the IS catalog, to see if there were any tracks Ben may want to rap over. Ben found a few, and in 2016 they released 'God Is A Woman', co-released between Grity City Records and OVOLR! / Debackle. Gary also did a remix of Ben's song 'WTF'.

This colaboration and the skills learned in IS set the stage for his collaboration with emcee Timbo King, in the group 'Mineral Writes'.

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