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Dead Serious

Catalog: #OV061

For Monday and Tues, Oct 30 - 31 2017, all proceeds of the sale of this album at bandcamp and itunes will go to Shane Legano's recovery fund at Gofundme.

More info Here.

Title Time
This Buds For You 02:03
Like Father Like Son 03:27
Thanks a Lot you Bitch 02:10
Get It Away 02:12
Backpack 01:03
If Assholes Could Fly 02:46
You Should Be So Lucky 01:52
Cut A Rug 01:57
24 Year Old Man 01:09
Promised Tomorrow 05:17


Recorded & Mixed at Montana Studio by Gary Llama, 2000.
Mastered 2000 by Bill McElroy at Slipped Disc.

Originally released in 2000, on Team Jaybird Records

Artwork by Linas Garsys
Layout by C. Jordan & Pedro

Dead Serious was:
Jay - Vocals
Legan - Bass
Chris - Drums
Jason - Guitar
Brian - Guitar

Backup Vocals by Cong and Count Me Out!
© 1997-2017 OVOLR! / Debackle